Abandoned Park Slot Machine - Play for Free & Win for Real

Abandoned Park Slot Machine - Play for Free & Win for Real

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Walk into the darkest recesses of the building and see if you had the nerve to stay put. Martin and Eric wanted to go to the prison first.

They really honed in on it. It was included in the original pitch document. There was a lot of history there. When the prison was built, it was on an Indian burial ground.

They flattened the land and put the prison on top of it. Ultimately, it was shut down. There was more death and murder per square foot there than anywhere.

It was a lot of bad mojo. It was a great story. The idea of putting young adults and dropping them off after midnight in a prison seemed really frightening.

The reason we played with the idea of mental institutions and prisons was because we knew the idea that, if you believed in ghosts, and someone died while being incarcerated, you could be trapped there forever.

Martin, [director] George [Verschoor], and I went to scout it and start the documentary process. There was a place in the basement where, during a riot, some inmates had killed some other inmates, decapitated them, and played soccer with their heads.

Go into the room with a video camera and spend 15 minutes by yourself. He jingled it and the kid freaked out and came screaming out of the room.

Frankly, the space even in the footage was scary and intimidating. It was a real penitentiary and real violence occurred within its walls.

It was terrifying for the crew. No one wanted to go to the bathroom alone. Actually, no one did in any location.

The narrative device imposed was that once they entered the penitentiary and were given a home base in the prison chapel, they could kind of relax and talk to one another.

In the room, there was a computer with instructions on what they had to do next. I was not sure it was going to work—kids with cameras in an enormous location.

Luckily, we got incredible footage. That was the inmate rec center. There was a lot of graffiti on the walls. It was a spooky place. That was the worst for me.

People could be hiding in there. That was genuinely scary. I personally did not want to go in there. I felt an awful, evil presence. My body and soul were telling me to get the hell out.

The crew did not want to rig the Sugar Shack alone. It was an intense room, freezing and dark. For the documentary material, a production crew traveled there and interviewed inmates who spent years in Moundsville.

People were telling me the most frightening moments of the show were getting interviews from some of those guys and hearing accounts of what had gone on in the old days.

I saw water shooting up from the urinal. I know Dawn had a similar experience. I went down a hallway there and there was no running water in the place.

I get into a room and there is water and sludge dripping out of stones in the walls. I grabbed a piece of paper and drew a cross on it. I did a dry run with a walkie-talkie and headset and no flashlight to test the directions we would give them.

There is no light at all. I vividly remember someone saying no. It was 10 or 15 feet wide. There was a young woman in the pilot who was very sensitive to psychic things.

Walking into that prison was terrifying. We shot for one night there. After shooting, we went to a diner A telephone pole cracked in half, this giant telephone pole, and almost killed all of us in the van.

It made the local news. This was after the first night of filming. It came out of nowhere. Eric and I were in one car and they were in the other, passing each other.

There were fire trucks and people in hazmat suits. The guy directing traffic just left and we kept going. Police got really mad at us for driving through a detour.

When I got back from Moundsville, my house had been infested with rats. That was odd and terrifying. Despite the near-fatalities, the crew got what it needed.

Of the six contestants recruited for the pilot, three remained. Though it was just a cloth on top of a seat, his apprehension cemented Fear as a show where the simplest dares proved most effective.

The electric chair reaction was right on the edge of total fear, but also kind of very big. Like he enjoyed it but was also genuinely terrified.

What we learned is that it was better to give them real goals than to just sit there and get terrified. It gave them a sense of purpose and stabilized them a little bit.

Debuting September 21, , Fear sometimes styled as MTV's Fear resonated with audiences in a post- Blair Witch culture, living vicariously through the frayed nerves of contestants.

Producers were already scouting future locations. We had concepts for different experiences. We wanted an old hotel so we did [Poconos resort] Buck Hill Inn.

That was like, where can we find The Shining? We wanted a former sanitarium, so we found Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts.

We conceived of an experience and then sought to find it. We did a lot of research for what the most haunted places in America were.

We wanted it to be like a movie, a visual feast. It was the job of a producer or associate producer to go to a location and spend the night alone.

We wanted to know if it felt haunted and if we could tell a story about it. Jonas Larsen scouted a location.

He is the most level-headed, cool, no-nonsense guy, and he came back with a story that blew our minds. I went to this island in upstate New York to look at a castle that had been built in the s by a guy for his wife who died before it was ever completed.

A pastor lived there and did Sunday services. The caretaker took me there in his speedboat. I spent time touring. It was funny in a Scooby-Doo kind of way.

Basically, there was a network of secret passageways in the house. There were even eyeholes cut out of paintings so you could spy on people.

There was also a jail cell, in what was supposed to be a private residence, which made me curious. The pastor invited me to spend the night instead of going all the way back to the hotel.

At about 3 or 4 a. I had a feeling of not being able to move, like someone had taken the sheets and was holding them down.

I turned on the light and there was nothing there. I did not go back to sleep. I travel quite a bit.

Your sleep habits get messed up. I have no idea. He was sure he had a little PTSD. He felt he was attacked in his bedroom. I produced the rest of the episodes.

In addition to multiple prisons and mental institutions, Fear eventually made it to the purportedly haunted USS Hornet ; the Duggan Brothers cement factory, which had seen numerous industrial accidents; and the Ki Sugar Mill, a shuttered Hawaiian location reportedly harboring a strange subterranean creature.

These places were huge. Hundreds of thousands of square feet. It had to have a history. It had to be old. That was an environment conducive to having that kind of experience.

We had [psychic] Carla Baron come in advance and decide where the paranormal readings were. We all believed in her abilities.

Cris Abrego called me, or I called him. We did all the work before the contestants showed up. The whole crew worked like crazy to lay all the cable, set up the dares, and put the cameras in the right places.

This was long before the idea of remote cameras. We rigged cable for all of the cameras. The leper colony in Canada is probably my most memorable location.

It blew my mind. It was this huge, abandoned city, like everyone had just suddenly left. The Boettger Brewery [a. Lemp Mansion in St.

Louis, Missouri, where multiple people had committed suicide on the premises] stood out for me. There was tons of debris around. Old tables, desks, vats, junk.

It looked like a deserted supernatural environment. The locations were terrifying even during the day. If they had electricity in the past 50 years, we were psyched.

We usually renamed the places for security reasons. So we wound up changing the name to St. Agnes, after Agnes of God. Oddly, many of the truly unsettling experiences surrounding Fear happened off-camera, when the production team was getting situated in their haunts.

Agnes, that place was not good. There were weird cold spots in the rooms. There were nasty smells all over the place. I actually got sick.

There were these incredible cold patches in places where we knew bad things had happened, but there was no window or breeze of any kind underground.

There was no explanation for it. I felt a lot of weird things. The next day, a grip would refuse to go in the same room to lay cable.

The psychic would come in and start crying, saying many people had been murdered in the room. It was maybe in a hospital. One contestant was walking down a hallway underground from one building to another.

She was talking to the others back at the safe house. Everything is fine until she walks near this room numbered , which was in the documentary.

These were all on independent battery sources. All three went dead at the same time. We were at the Buck Hill Inn, and Luis was the director on that one.

I looked over and as he was talking, blood started running out of his nose. It was some kind of asbestos issue. We were all getting sick. One time he took a digital picture and in the center of the frame was something that looked like a tear.

It was like a rip in the space-time continuum. A crew member got pushed down the stairs at the penitentiary by something. He was by himself.

He fell all the way down. He was so frightened he almost quit the show. At the leper colony, we went to the bathroom in groups.

Three of us were working there late at night. There was a house near where we were shooting, which was exciting, since we used Porta-Potties a lot.

So I walked up the steps with Jenn, the accountant, next to me along with another girl. I went to touch the door and the door handle just turned and opened itself.

The door swung open. We all just ran and screamed. No one would touch the house after that. It became this legendary story.

I went back to my hotel when we were doing Eastern State Penitentiary and something followed me back there.

I got a call asking if this was Carla. It was someone with an Indian accent. I called production right away and asked if they had sent anyone over.

They said no one had called me. Nobody knew I was there. I called the front desk. There were no calls that night.

I talked to someone for five minutes who knew my name. There are 50 rooms to either side of me. No one was there.

Eric and I went to the Ki sugar plantation in Hawaii a week early to get a feel for things. It was like a mile underground.

We saw this huge, white, prehistoric creature illuminated by a flashlight—this biological creature. It was this bone white crab thing crawling in this place with no light.

We started rowing back. No one else ever saw it. We prayed the cast would. In a zero-visibility environment, your mind becomes a vehicle for some intense hallucinations.

Their minds were their own worst enemies. We had to run multiple kids through the same dare sometimes to get one clean enough to use.

I said, "Look, someone needs to talk to the kids before they go into these locations. Sometimes we wanted to release tension or wanted something to be funny, like a good horror movie.

I had a dare where I went into a cave that was boarded up where they supposedly trapped one of these Nahuals. I was supposed to tear it down with a pickaxe and stand there with my back to the entrance in complete silence.

The radios would crackle and break up and people would get scared. They would psych themselves up to the point where any little sound would set them off.

He started speaking in tongues and acting weird. It was like he was communicating with the dead. One kid had marks on her leg that no one could have made.

She was in a room all by herself. MTV was supportive except for the Civil War episode. We did a branding on a person.

It never made it on-screen. But it looked like the person was getting branded. It was supposed to be fun. The contestants were never fake.

We wanted to do a werewolf episode and thought we could expand to the middle ground of a mythical monster. There was one guy in the two-parter who was the last one by himself on the first night.

Everyone else had quit. We really wanted him to go on. In my mind, nothing was going to happen to me at all. That episode had a guy climbing down into a pit and crying for his mother.

I was down there for a while. There were real bats flying down in the pit and that was freaky. While some contestants expressed little concern over the potential for paranormal contact, others claimed to have had a first-hand experience.

We were at a military academy that had been open in the s. The dare was for a woman to go down into a subterranean room and stand in a cross position, waiting for some spirit to reach out to her.

Like, whoa, this is weird. She comes back to the safe house and explains that she was molested by a ghost. When people quit, they did it with real tears.

It was psychological terror. Two years ago, I was sitting in a cafe in Los Angeles. She introduced herself as the woman who had been molested by a ghost.

I thought she had gone crazy. Some kids were rocks. Watch the Danvers episode. This one guy had been there for hours by himself. Some kids blew us away with their fortitude.

As Fear continued airing on MTV in and into , audiences were sometimes left wondering if some sequences had been enhanced by the production.

Today, the question remains: Were the slamming doors and howling winds created for effect, or did they have an organic—and potentially paranormal—origin?

We never had to do anything to augment people being scared. A lot of reality shows do what they have to do, but there was nothing we did to accentuate it.

It was very organic. There were no special effects or boogeymen to scare people. The places themselves were frightening. You wanted to keep that feeling of it being authentic.

I remember hearing wind or other noises, but the prison was so big and vacant with so many openings, the elements could have played a factor.

I can say with absolute impunity we worked so hard to deliver a truthful show with integrity. Reality TV was not like it is now. We wanted to achieve as much of a paranormal experience for the cast as possible.

Most of the noises were explainable to the place. A draft may have closed a door. I would say there were times we manipulated the time frame of the reaction and the sound.

We never said that we would show you ghosts. Now watch them freak out. If people are just sitting there? Nothing was ever arranged to move.

In a dark, scary place, the mind provides you with enough. We knew if they caught us doing something, they would be snapped out of the experience.

And then I hear some evil growling like right outside. Could a reality series really be filmed with virtually no intervention from the production?

There were people they could speak to, but not daily. You have to remember, we had people walking in the dark. People were placed in the location to make sure they were OK and then we had the control room to monitor shots.

Having a dropped radio signal was a nightmare. We wanted them talking with each other. The problem was going underground into cellars with thick walls.

A lot of these structures were old and built solid. As the series progressed, producers had more ambitious plans. But by the standards of the reality genre, Fear was quickly becoming an expensive proposition for a budget-conscious MTV.

We had a huge list of locations we wanted to explore. We had big plans to go to castles in Europe with these thousand-year histories.

We were thinking of doing celebrity Fear. One of the problems we had with MTV which seems comical now is that the technology at the time was so incredibly expensive.

Just the [file] storage alone. Now I have as much storage at home as we were using then. But the space for the footage from all the cameras running all the time was a huge thing.

They wanted us to cut the documentary we showed to participants. They cut the budget on the second season. They wanted us to spend less money and have the same show.

I remember being sad about it but I had also been traveling literally for two years. There was a phase of my life where I vividly recall being at the airport and having no clue where I was or what plane I was supposed to catch.

It was amazing and exhausting. There was a regime change. John Miller, the executive who greenlit the show, left.

The ratings were fantastic. It was relatively expensive compared to other things MTV was doing at the time.

Kids [on other shows] are just hanging out. Our was many times more expensive. Nothing is cheaper than a hit, and MTV was not spending a lot of money on the episodes.

They were only giving out a prize of five grand! MTV came to Beau and I and asked us to halve the budget.

We were unwilling to do it. We knew what it took to make the show. It took real money and real manpower and effort to do it right.

Even today, it probably cost twice as much as an average reality show does in Reality became very cheap to produce.

Get one cameraman instead of 70 unmanned cameras. People were in rubble. We were never told it was the reason, but we felt it was a combination of that [and money].

You had a lot of feel-good, touchy-feely comedies. They might have wondered if it seemed exploitative. I think MTV choked.

But they rolled up the carpet on it. More than 16 years after the last episode aired, it continues to be an inspiration to other paranormal-themed projects both on television and in film.

MTV was pioneering with this. People looking into cameras and talking. If you look at Paranormal Activity , I think the visual tropes of the show—that grainy, dark video that conveyed authenticity—lived on.

It was a time when reality TV was a new concept. I think if you brought back Fear today it would have to be more high-tech. I think the tastes of the audience have changed.

Like with a lot of reality stuff, the bar has been raised. But human behavior is always fascinating. Visually, we have more tools to cover the experience.

They all got rewarded if someone finished and made it all the way through. It was designed so they would love each other and try to support one another.

It gave the show a different feeling from what reality shows later became, which was nasty. At a young age, it opened up my mind to seeing how a group of human beings from different walks of life can quickly become dependent on someone to help you through a situation.

In a moment of fear, they could reveal something about themselves. Maybe it was that they were gay and coming out, or maybe it was issues with their father.

The fear could break and rebuild you in the same episode. It was an opportunity for people to not be afraid anymore.

Maybe they were embracing sexuality they had kept to themselves. They felt a real sense of accomplishment. Did you believe the places were haunted?

These places were genuinely scary. If you allow yourself to see the devil, the devil can see you. In the summer of , Action Park—a collection of water-themed amusement rides installed over a ski resort in the rural town of Vernon, New Jersey— debuted their newest attraction.

Dubbed the Cannonball Loop, it seemed to obey the laws of cartoon physics, with a steep enclosed slide feeding a degree turn at the bottom.

The idea was that a park attendee would climb into the mouth of the ride some 50 feet off the ground, get hosed down to reduce friction, and then speed through the tube like a chambered bullet, clearing the loop and emerging at the other end into a shallow pool.

Action Park owner Eugene Mulvihill enlisted his teenaged son, Andy, to test it while it was still under haphazard construction by a squad of welders.

The Cannonball Loop would be open only sporadically over the next 13 years, a perpetual work-in-progress that mirrored the state of Action Park itself.

Bodies flew off rides like crash test dummies; skin was peeled off in layers. It was not uncommon for guests to see bloody and bandaged patrons being driven across the grass in carts equipped with EMTs and stretchers.

A total of five fatalities were reported, creating a mythology that danger lurked around every water-soaked corner. If you were a reckless guest, sometimes it did.

To understand how Action Park not only survived but thrived with a business philosophy out of Mad Max , Mental Floss spoke to well over a dozen former employees and guests who recalled an environment of fun, sun, and tending to broken bones at the most intense amusement park ever constructed.

The Alpine Slide would account for hundreds of injuries over the years. Jim DeSaye Park Security: The Alpine was on a big hill, not a little baby hill.

And there is nothing keeping you on. That was one my dad bought from a manufacturer in Europe. There had been a couple installed elsewhere, but not a lot.

Bill Benneyan General Manager: At that time, the ski industry was going through some tough years. You needed to be able to use your land the other half of the year.

Chris Ish First Aid: It was really tricky. You had to have skill and balance to stay on the track. If you pulled back on the brake, the cart would kick to one side.

There were these stupid little sleds that had handles for adjusting speed that never did anything. Therese Mahler Ride Attendant: It was like a rug burn.

We always gave a little speech at the top. Corrine Zimmerman Ride Attendant: When you shifted your weight wrong and went sliding down, it took several layers off your skin and your whole body and the cart would go flying off.

We had staff positioned along the track to keep an eye out for that sort of thing. It was harder to spot people when it got dark.

Thomas Flynn First Aid: The primary ingredient in those tracks was asbestos, by the way. People would bounce off. It was like 70 percent alcohol and 10 percent iodine.

Imagine spraying 70 percent alcohol on a rug burn. They would run out of first aid like we had just set them on fire.

The Slide was just under the chair lift that took you to the top. People would spit and throw things at the people below them. You had control of the brakes and could go as slow as you wanted to.

You could have a mom with a kid in her lap going down at a slow pace. The only problem was if someone was going fast going behind you.

People were catching up to each other all the time. If someone was hurt badly enough, first aid would come with a sling they could put people in.

It was the only way to get them down. Those were like an engineering anomaly. For whatever reason, they would go down the hill faster than the others.

My friend Jason rode down the Alpine and got horrible slide burn over his arms and legs. We took a photo of him in first aid and mounted it on a piece of wood so people would see it.

They had ridden a chair lift up and there was only one way down. I was 19 or 20 years old. Their situation is not totally in our control.

The accident made local news in New Jersey, foreshadowing the controversy over the park and its relaxed oversight of attendees that would last for nearly two decades.

It was actually the beginning of the water park industry. Joe Russoniello Director of Marketing: Gene was way ahead of his time in terms of what we were developing.

The Wave Pool, the Tarzan swing, the rapid rides, whatever it was, he was doing it early on. Were the rides engineered for maximum safety like they are today?

The whole idea of Action Park in the s was identified in the marketing. That was a pretty out-there concept. It was a really neat fulfillment of all these backyard fantasies.

You would inevitably see someone get severely injured every time you were there and you just assumed people got injured at every water park.

We lived out in the sticks. This was just water slides put on the side of a mountain. It was not sophisticated.

Gene wanted it to be really exciting and wanted to break the rules as much as he could. Gene was a fascinating guy. He had investments in cancer research.

He assembled the largest wine cellar in North America. He worked with partners to build a robotic parking garage. It was all kinds of things. He was always pushing for something new and different.

What Gene did was allow a certain amount of responsibility for each person. There were injuries, but ski areas have a ridiculous number of injuries.

Nobody was telling you to drink and get on a sled doing 70 miles per hour. There was a high degree of personal responsibility.

To do that, he wanted to push the limits. And in order to do that, everything was going to be bigger, faster, or some other superlative.

His goal was to build a participation amusement park that was very unique and super fun and where there were certain risks.

Individuals needed to be personally responsible for their behavior at the park. The best comparison is with skiing.

With skiing you need to be responsible for how fast you go, staying out of the woods, not hitting another person, no jumping in the air unless you can handle it.

Gene wanted something on the cutting edge to bring new and exciting experiences to people. Back then, people wanted that. People who had been to other amusement parks were trained to have a certain experience.

That sense of freedom was often tested by park-goers, who came from the tri-state area and paid frequent visits to the park's many beer stands.

You were definitely able to buy beer and walk around with alcohol in the park. It was an open-container policy. Alcohol was very prevalent.

We once had a group of bodybuilders come in and start throwing lifeguards into the pool. We had to call the police. Guys were just aggressive.

They were feeling their oats. The Vernon police were awesome. They were used to it. We once called them to a fight with 20 people here.

It was some gang thing that was so violent, people were hitting each other with bricks from the cobblestone walk.

They were hell-bent on hurting each other. The cops had to bring the dogs. They might throw you off a ride, but they would never throw you out of the park.

It was the Wild West. The park did these Gladiator Games, basically a take-off of American Gladiators. And one of the Gladiators on payroll beat the crap out of one of the patrons using those bopping sticks.

So the guy comes back with a dozen friends to fight six of the Gladiators. It was a melee, a riot of 40, 50, 60 people. Everyone responded—food service, lifeguards.

It was ridiculous, the amount of wounded we took in from that. I figured the lifeguard would pull me out.

Basically, there was real Lord of the Flies stuff going on in this whole park. It was the first thing you saw when you walked into the park.

It was open very rarely. It was a giant metal tube on a tower with a degree loop and people would go shooting out of it. No human should do that.

I never saw it open. It was like a relic of a more dangerous time. It was in operation while I was working there. They filled up one of those maintenance man jumpsuits with sand bags and the first one came out with no head.

It seemed like a crazy thing to try. It was so vertical. What happened was, they sent employees down it. The first one smacked his face and his teeth got knocked out.

The second person came out all cut up. It was completely dark in the tunnel. The problem was that people would sometimes get stuck and no one thought to put an escape hatch in it.

So people wound up crawling in a couple of times to rescue someone until a hatch was put in. We operated it for a couple of weekends and then shut it down.

Maybe if it was one in Although the Loop was a bust, Action Park continued building out, offering three distinct plots—Waterworld, Motorworld, and Roaring Springs.

The turning point, according to Andy Mulvihill, was buying commercial ad time on television in and around New Jersey. Suddenly, the park and its rides—including the Wave Pool, a mechanical wave machine that could produce a inch tide that was introduced in —were filling up.

The first couple seasons were so-so, and then we discovered commercials. It was getting packed. I still remember that commercial.

We were 45 minutes from the nearest mall. It was the place to go. My friends and I would come from Long Island, leaving at four in the morning, getting there when the park opened, and leaving at night.

It was like taking your dog to the dog park. As soon as the car pulled up, the doors would be flying open before you even parked.

The Wave Pool was commonly overcrowded. It was just a sea of heads bobbing up and down. We bought the Wave Pool from guys who had built them before and provided us with filters, chlorination, and told us capacities.

They were as expert about it as you could be. I remember it being huge at one end, almost like a beach, and then it got deeper and deeper where the waves were.

Part of the problem was depth. The very shallow end was fine, but the further out you went, it probably got to be about 12 feet or so.

And there was the unpredictability of man-made giant waves. That plus the size of the pool created a recipe for disaster.

The Wave Pool had like eight or 10 guards on duty at all times. I think they would log like 30 saves a day. If you wanted to become a good lifeguard, you got a job at the Wave Pool.

This was the New York market, and people did not know how to swim. I was bleeding all over the place.

It was harder than swimming in a pool. It could easily catch people off-guard and tire them out faster than normal.

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They are bulletproof, but they can still be knocked o Park your car in this slippery icey mess, and try not to crash!

When the utopia finally crumbles, only heroes are left to find paradise in the apocalypse. Drive your tank through this confusing dead paradise as you transport medical supplies, armaments to outl This talented inventor is determined to build the world's fastest car.

His lack of funds means he'll have to start from scratch using cheap materials. But, with time, he hopes to save up enough m The ideal truck trader company needs drivers.

So many applicants can't even pass the truck driving school exam. Don't just give up on your dreams of becoming a big wheel big rig trucker. In a spy world where everyone is a spy, then you'll have no problem killing everyone on the freeway and annihilating all of the double agents from your organization.

Avoid being destroyed and the Just Park It 5. The local factory is in search of delivery drivers who are capable of safely driving their massive big-rig trucks.

Operating such a large vehicle is no easy task and requires real skill. Prepare these Bad Piggies for their own wild adventure!

You'll have to have perfect timing and mechanical skills to pull off this wild ride toward the adventure map! Cut the balloons loose, combi Modern technology has made your job as a lumberjack much easier.

You're used to lugging around heavy lumber and hacking it to pieces, manually, with an axe. But, nowadays, you start your day by c When it comes to driving, drift racers have some of the most amazing driving abilities out there.

Hairpin turns are no match for their quick thinking and incredible skills when behind the wheel. Race as fast as you can through these amazing tracks!

Unlock new cars and play more challenging matches as you progress! Grand Truckismo Hot Game. Put your foot to the floor and race around the world in this monster truck racing game.

Fund a new monster truck and load it out with tricked out wheels, four wheel drive, and the suspension syste These cars are rather old, but they are still relevant when you strap a nitrous engine to the back of them.

If there's decent competition, then you can expand your upgrades over to weaponry as wel This caveman was recently attacked by wretched dinosaurs who were after his secret riches.

Now he is on a mission to reclaim this lost loot by driving his foot-powered car into their territory and In the future, driving rules have become so extreme that citizens are only allowed to use automated vehicles to travel.

Excessive street racing drove the government to revoke licenses from all of With so many fires happening in this sun-scorched town, the best course of action is to drift and drive out of town.

But when the men and women get back from a long drive, fighting for a spot in f Crime doesn't sleep, so this cop took the graveyard shift to fight crime through the night in hopes of creating a safer place for the civilians who live in his district.

Go for a routine patrol an Is it a radical notion to want to live free? Escort this hero as he moves through enemy territory.

He is being taken up to the leaders hiding out in the mountains. There you will plan your metho Earn to Die When communications went out between the outposts and the main base, everyone assumed it was a casual error in the computer system.

But then days passed, and we had heard nothing. Now we have to Some stunt drivers are talented, but others are just really great at surviving the massive car wreck.

Some of these drivers have the preexisting condition of insanity, but before they go and get t There are just too many zombies sitting around in the streets.

That's a very dangerous place to zombie creatures to be with all of those cars driving around. Create the perfect undead crushing ca A long favorite of hardcore monster truck fans, this engaging race against a ghost truck drops you into a variety of race tracks.

You're driving a monster truck for a reason so plunge into the obs Country Ride 2 3D. Go for a ride on the countryside and see if you have what it takes to navigate the windy roads and cross the finish line first.

Select your favorite Ford Mustang and put the pedal to the metal in Going after a big bounty and motorcycle gang is bound to give you trouble.

If it offered up no trouble, then it would cease to be interesting to this retired ex-cop. He still has the fire in his Apocalypse is upon us, and it's up to you to get the necessary supplies to the troops who are keeping the enemies at bay.

Do you have what it takes to defend mankind? Then climb behind the wheel To be a hero in an apocalyptic world, you need to bravely resist the distopian guards that are simply looking for people to kill.

The distopia has a fear of difference, so if you aren't exactly th You've received word that your battalion is going to be receiving a top-secret government weapon to unleash devastating damage on your enemies.

The delivery has been made, and you've been appointe There isn't much to do in your small country town of less than one hundred residents.

So, what do you do to keep yourself busy? Why, you race your neighbors to see who is the best driver in town, Now that Winter is here, everything is covered in snow.

This stunt driver loves to practice his skills behind the wheel when the roads are icy. He finds these dangerous conditions to be thrilling Bound across the world in your shoddily constructed go-kart car.

With a garage filled with all shapes, colors, and tools scattered around, you can build whatever you want so long as you have the m Toy Monster Trip Hot Game.

Toy trucks can be whatever you want them to be. Devourers of toy soldiers, crushers of caterpillars, and leaping over set up slides and ramps!

Launch your toy monster truck through the air to col All those glimery and cute halloween costumes.. That's not the spirit of Halloween!

Halloween is supposed to be creepy and cool! Destroy those with the cute halloween outfits! Show them what real h Merge into the whirlwind of broken axles, twisted frames, and torn out transmissions in this all-out auto brawl!

Drive through this mess of twisted metal as the elements pour down on each of these Do you have what it takes to be a champion? You're a wild daredevil who loves to get your thrills by performing insane stunts in front of massive crowds of anxious fans.

Today, you're going to be The Joker has placed a bomb under Gotham's City Hall and is threatening to detonate it unless Batman can defeat him in a motorcycle race.

Be a hero and saddle your custom batbike as you accelerate Car Eats Car 2 Deluxe. Drive through this barrage of gears and car frames to get yourself to safety.

Don't be afraid to lift yourself off the ground and into the air where it's. Pick up as many car bombs an Nobody knew why the undead rose on that fateful night, but it seems that it had something to do with the full moon.

Soon enough, the entire town was being terrorized by swarms of mindless zombies The sirens are blaring, but there's nowhere to park! Drive the fire truck over to the building to get as close as possible to the building for the responding call.

Be sure that you don't crash as Saturdays are pretty full for a gangster. If you're around a thug on Saturdays, you'll see them run through the city, gunning down rival gang members, or stealing cars just to get from place to pl Aston Martin Racing Hot Game.

Driving an Aston Martin is just a dream for many divers, but not for you! Today you are here to represent the Aston Martin Team in a race challenge.

You need to use your driving skills with wisdom Formula One Racing Hot Game. This Formula One car is the flagship racer for their company. If they win enough races with this speedy car, then they can gain enough money overall to buy upgrades and get an even faster car!

These tiny race drivers have been given race cars equipped with cannons that shoot various projectiles. They will stop at nothing to cross the finish line first, including destroying your vehicle This reckless racer is sick and tired of following the speed limit.

He misses the rush he used to get when he was on the racetrack, whipping around turns at high speeds. That's why he's decided t The Flugtag is an annual event in which creative daredevils build strange, non-motorized vehicles to race down the pier and off the edge to compete for distance.

These carts are typically destroye Operating a heavy duty crane is no easy task, but someone's got to do it!

You've just been hired to drive this heavy duty crane, and it's up to you to make the deliveries before the deadline to ea The most important part of any war is the steady supply of armor and weapons.

In the war for the finish line in this monster truck rally race, you and your monster truck crew need grenades, bazook You're the son of a powerful mob boss, and it's your skills as gunslinger that keep the family safe.

When rival mobsters start causing problems for the family, the mafia calls on you to quiet the These silly fish are on a suicide mission.

They are sick of living in water, so they tried their luck on the land by swimming up and out of the water.

But these silly fish didn't realize that the Before anyone gets entombed on this battlefield, this maniac medic is going to rush up, stop the bleeding, and stem the tide of this endless war.

Your enemy has been building numerous fortresses on a path leading up to your kingdom. They plan to invade your palace, using weapons capable of devastating destruction to reduce your palace to ru You've just been interviewed by the owner of the most widely used courier service in the country.

He thinks you're the perfect driver for the job and has decided to hire you to make deliveries. The committee has decided that you are the one they need to go and diffuse the car bombs placed around the city.

As a stunt driver, it's in your blood to risk your life where others would be too a Grind your way to a flying tank that explodes on command.

Smash your way through dozens of levels of stacked cars, ramps, and explosive structures. Buy new cars and upgrade your beast of a ride in Have you ever dreamed of being a rock star?

Well, today is your lucky day! You get to live like a rock star and enjoy the life of luxury by driving your very own custom tour bus and playing shows Alien invaders have entered your planet's atmosphere, and they seem to be hostile.

Your general isn't sure what they want, and he's certainly not going to give it up without a fight. There are many different unsung heros during times of battle.

You're the driver of a weapon carrying crane, and it's your responsibility to deliver powerful bombs to various destinations.

Driving through the busy city streets isn't always easy. You're a test driver for high-end sports cars, and today you've been asked to test drive the fastest street car in this world.

It takes a lot to put these kind of rally cars together. Flip your car, do a backflip, and drive as fast as you can. Keep up with the lead helicopter for some bonus points as you race for the fi You're the supplier of tools and vehicles that are used for mining raw materials.

These mines run deep into the ground, where it's very dark and spooky. Today, you've received an order for a cran Road of the Dead 2.

You're stuck in the city, and you're prepared to do anything to bust out of this hellscape. Get ready to mastermind the ultimate breakout plan: Driving straight through the zombies!

These truckers like to break up their long drives by meeting up in secluded locations to race for cash. Lately, your big rig has been unstoppable.

Will your winning streak continue, or will someo This big four wheeled tractor has to deliver a whole new tractor trailer full of the freshest vegetables.

If you're a really skilled driver, you could even bounce up the fruit that's fallen off th License for Mayhem Hot Game. As a police officer, you can do whatever you want.

Upgrade your massive police car with bullet proof windows, nitro engine, huge wheels with thick treads, and build the coolest anti-crime police c Get in your European designed motorbike and race inland toward the the rolling wheat fields of the English countryside.

Double your nitrous output in this no-hold-bars match with some of the top r An empty five-lane highway?

That's just asking for the hottest drag racers and drifters to get in their cars and start driving as fast as you can toward the finish line on the other side of the city.

You have 54 miles to drive through zombie infested highways and undead covered farms until you finally reach a safe place. Either upgrade and supe up your mom's minivan, or get into your flatbed t Grand Prix Go 2.

Throw the road rules and highway laws out the window on this Grand Prix racetrack. Take your mini speeder on the track with a suped-up soaped-down car ready to go with a new engine, shiny suspensi Peach is beginning to enjoy her life as a serious racer.

Peach is racing against fluffy friends, so let's get ready to go and follow her on her journey to collect all of those Mushroom Kingdoms.

It's the end of the world as we know it, and these racers have decided to spend their last moments on Earth doing what they love most.

Climb behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle and race into do You're the head mechanic at the local body shop, and it's your job to repair vehicles.

The schedule today is full, so you have your work cut out for you. The goal of this game is to repair all of If Superman, Batman, and the rest of the DC heroes were going to battle it out against Iron Man, Captain America, and the rest of the Marvel heroes, they wouldn't be driving around in cars in a bat Speed through the city as fast as you can!

Every year the safety service vehicles gather at the track in the middle of the city and they find out once and for all who has the best racers and the f The tracks have finally opened it up again!

The dirt is fresh and the monster trucks are revved and ready to go! Pick out your favorite off-roading four wheeler and cover the competition in your Drive your amazingly fast car like a rocket through the city streets of this rundown futurist world.

Keep your competition behind you in this nonstop race against the hottest cars and fastest driv This soldier with post traumatic stress has turned to crime to pay the bills, but it's not his fault.

Is it a crime to steal to feed your family? When there's not enough food to go around, this e This tough driver is practicing for his very first appearance in the demolition derby by driving around and destroying numerous cars without damaging his own.

But after a long day of driving, he c In the past, there was nothing more fun than crashing cars and watching the explosion.

But just throwing two fast cars at each other starts to lose its luster when it might be even more fun to rei After calibrating your car and calculating the coefficients, there's only one thing left to do: Get in your car and let your wily driving skill do the rest.

That rival gang in the car pit Construction workers have one of the toughest jobs out there. Every day, constructions workers put in long hours of physical labor to build various things ranging from office buildings to playgrou Nicknamed the "Ship Sinker" this monster truck's myth is that it burst out of the glaciers deep within Antarctica and after driving for a year across the snowbanks, it has finally arrived to destro The city center is under construction after a major earthquake that took place last week.

This cement truck has a lot of stops to make today so that the construction workers can start rebuilding t Wheely turned in his militant camo paint job for the bright and shiny red paint to charm and woo the car of his dreams!

Help Wheely bypass the obstacles and break through the cage of the show room Til death to we part. Fight to the death in this battle royal against all of the emergency vehicles in the world.

Don't park in the middle of the arena, or you'll surely be towed to the trash heap. Whenever humanity gets off its butt and stops messing around with the latest version of phones, maybe we'll be able to go into outer space and explore the corners of the known universe and discover Little Bear Kart Racing.

Little Bear is a cutie that likes to gear up and go toe to toe with the big boys and their big toys in this fun game of avoiding the obstacles and smashing the other racers off the road!

Shut Up and Drive 2. Naruto the Ninja needs to practice his speed and shuriken skills, so his sensei has thrown him into a collision course with roadsters.

Grab his shurikens and drive past the other ninjas as fast as Are you a skilled enough driver to save this car from getting trashed?

Put your reaction time to the test in this awesome action game! The goal is to keep your car out of the junk yard, no matter Get behind the wheel of the most powerful monster truck ever build.

This truck was built to last and is the prefect vehicle to take you across the finish line. The goal of t Even the devils of hell need to move around.

And although the taxi driver and passenger both understand that they are going to constantly be ripping each other off, there's still an agreement that It's very important that this shipment of green radioactive goo makes it to its location without any accidents.

Otherwise you'll end up with squirrels with laser eyes and the tongues of a frog. This powerful steam powered train is the primary form of transportation in this dustbowl of a town.

It's very important that the train make it to the stops in a timely fashion so that all of the p Hold your own on these slaughter streets as madmen on motorcycles and psychopaths in trucks try to push you off the road.

Don't crash into those cars, and dodge their gunfire as you sweep this pos New York Taxi Parking. If you want to be a taxi driver, I wouldn't start in New York City!

People are just absolutely insane drivers. Somehow they are able to avoid crashing into other parked cars, people, and bikers a Batman doesn't drive a truck.

Unless he has to transport hundreds of villains to the Arkham Asylum. And without his butler Alfred or Robin to be there and help him transport those villains to the The driver of this crane has a very important duty.

Only professional drivers should even attempt such a dangerous job! The goal of this game is to use the crane to pick up the nuclear bomb and d If you want to make it to the racing circuit that makes its living cruising across the USA!

There are thousands of huge five lane country roads available for time trials. And you've got to master Mario's been jumping for decades now!

Did you know that Mario got his start in Japan as "Jumpman"? Now he's going to be a Driveman as he races across the Mushroom Kingdom, kicking up dust in his F1 Pit Stop Racing.

If it's a race you want, then nothing is faster than the F1 track! Race around the circular track in this speedster and brake at the pit stop for just a second to get recharged and ready to go.

Airport Bus Parking 3. Today is your first day on the job as the new airport shuttle driver, and it's your responsibility to safely transport the passengers to their destinations.

Climb behind the wheel of this massive Splitting up is hard to do. But sometimes Luigi needs to break off occasionally.

Plant yourself in the driver's seat and drive through this Mushroom Kingdom! There's nothing more extreme than riding a dirt bike through the snowy Alps!

Passing wendigos and yetis every couple of feet is nothing compared to the wicked speeds, nasty jumps, and freaking sca High Speed Road Cross.

Run across the street! The demons are emerging from the hole in the mouth to hell. But with the portal opening right in front of the freeway, it'd be a hellish miracle if they survived the mad da It's nearly impossible to squeeze an enormous sixteen wheeler into a parking spot, but that's why they called you in!

Back your truck up into the parking space, and then get back on the road for a If you love to feel a rolling, rumbling engine between your knees.

And hear the cracking, dust-thrown Earth being ripped up behind you, then you'll love this ridiculous ragdoll racer. Rev up, put the pedal to the metal and crush some cars.

Rev up and peel out! Follow an isometric race and smash spectacular where you use nitro's to make leaps of faith and fun over boxes, ramps, obstacles and other racers.

The desert is a beast that must be tamed! You are a high octane monster full of rage and hysteria that seeks to dominate and destroy the sandy landscapes of the Sahara.

Rev up and roll out on your Don't have the skills to drive through a busy freeway at night? In this cool driving game all you need is the desire to get home, dodge cars and trucks, and make it as far as you can down the free Police Chief David Hennessy is a corrupt cop.

He's been taking bribes on the side to see school buses full of kids go racing on busy streets. A young farmer boy named Carlos living just on the ou There are hundreds of variations that the genetic gene pool can spit out.

If you commanded some level of power over what appeared from this soup, what would you decide? It's negotiable what you w School Bus Parking Test.

Driving a school bus is a sweet gig. All you have to do is stop to pick up the kids, and keep your cool when they sing that same song over and over again!

The wheels are a little stiff so try not Get the hell out of that zombie infested city! Hell is grasping at your heels as you race away from the rampaging zombie hordes with only one goal in mind, gnawing away at your brains!

Anyone can scream down a concrete raceway in a brand new race car, but it takes a real renegade to cruise through a forest against a GTO and a monster truck with noting more then a mini cooper.

The aliens are pouring in from space! You'll never be able to survive unless you put up your defenses, get in your car and race away from these mad slavering creatures!

Upgrade your car and turn Route 66 Highway Rush. The best part about historic Route 66 is that it will just go on forever!

Hardly anything will stop you from screeching down the highway in your super charged car. Like they are going Off Road Jeep Hazard.

This Jeep wasn't built for these kind of Hazards, but with you behind the wheel a little elbow grease and a lot of luck you might be able to bring in a win for the team!

The Vikings need you to deliver all of their weapons and armor so they can continue to crush their enemies!

Load up the longboats with your longswords and longbows and then annihilate the coasts w There are at least two things that I love to do the more than anything else.

And that's race extreme dune buggies across the sandy slopes! Race other dune buggies with sweet flame decals and awes Race your way through oncoming traffic, pylons and Sunday drivers!

Things tend to move quickly when you're the Go Kart manager. Roll with the situation and tell your how to drive around the track and give him tips and advice for when to accelerate, when to hit th

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Complete all objectives to get to the top of the food chain. You are trying to escape your assailants. Jump, slide and attack at the right moment. Your skills will be tested.

Try to eat as much flesh as possible and upgrade your devoted army of blood thirsty piranhas! A silly game of skill and high scores.

Create drinks and try to make as much money as possible before the bar closes. Buy upgrades and hot outfits with your cash.

The crow is back in hell! This time he has more enemies and intense levels to clear, but he can also grab objects to help him escape the madness!

He lost his job, his girlfriend dumped him, and his dog fluffy was killed by the little neighbourhood brats! So help this poor dude drink his pain away in this hilarious game.

The game features various levels of drinking that will ultimately get you pissed drunk! Doodieman, America's pooper hero, is ready to serve you by pooping on a voodoo doll which you custom name.

Angry at a friend, stranger, enemy? Doodieman will relieve your anger by pooping on the effigy effectively! Hebert is back and this time he has escaped from the local hospital.

Help him evade the fat nurse and avoid various obstacles by jumping, double jumping or sliding. How to play at gamesfree. In this Spiderman Flash Game you have to swing through the city in this side scrolling game.

Try and get as far as you can as you swing from platform to platform. How far can you get before falling to your death?

Tired of being laughed at? Tired of being rejected by the ladies? Pop the collar, go to da club and score with the ladies.

You must help Dark Spider Man to pass with him's web and pass all obstacles. Protect your castle and fight off wave after wave of orcs, minotaurs, cobolds and dire bats.

Collect gold and upgrade your bows, arrows, dexterity and castle doors. Well once again the crow is stuck in hell and must get out. Avoid traps and winding tunnels.

Collect keys to unlock exciting new bonus challenges. Hector Van Daemon will be executed in 14 days - if he lasts that long in this super-max facility.

Wrongly sentenced to death for acts of terrorism, you are his only hope. Can you reform him enough to save him from death row, or even find enough evidence to prove his innocence?

Build up your zombie army and take over the world one place at a time. Can you find the right combo? Try to be the best DJ on the wheel, hitting the highest scratching score.

Choose between two hot DJs and just follow the beat. Try to stay in the middle of the wave to hit bonus points.

Have fun scratching yo! Play as a squad leader in a dense World War 2 randomly generated battlefield. Try to hold your line of defence as long as you can.

Customize your squad to fit your play style with 14 types of soldiers, 9 weapons and 30 power ups.

Set up your own defences with mines, barbwires, trenches and bunkers and fight with all you got on gamesfree. Game instructions on gamesfree.

Click on a soldier to move him. Soldiers cannot see thru trees and rocks. Use tactical points to buy upgrades and power ups.

Monsters is a funny and addictive "tower defense" style game in which you use a variety of plants to defend your home from an army of quirky and bizarre monsters.

It's very simple, but it requires some strategy too! The new Sift Heads game lets you play as Vinnie, Kiro or Shorty, use over 14 weapons of choice, explore 2 huge cities, complete 10 main missions, 10 side missions, customize your character and much more!

Kill evil clans with your weapons arsenal, create explosive combos and finish them with your kamikaze bomb! Collect points, unlock achievements and create havoc!

The team is back with an unstoppable fury as they are being chased by the police, Alonzo and Yuuma. This new Sift Heads World episode has more of what you like; character selection, more custom costumes, plenty of new weapons and a new interactive city to explore.

Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro go deep in the depths of the Amazonian rain forest for a lucrative excursion but local mercenaries will get in their way.

Fight off the ruthless mercenaries and try to accomplish your expedition. After a hard-hitting blow from Alonzo our team is back on the hunt.

Vinnie and his partners will need the help of the Mayor in Chicago. Cubikill 2 is back for more killing at work! Our deranged friend is back and this time he is pissed for getting fired.

Time to liberate some aggression!! You start as a team but after an onfortunate accident you're in for it alone again. This time in an abandoned city.

Mouse to aim and right click to fire. Shorty goes all the way to Russia where her past will resurface and the guys will bring her reinforcement.

This episode has the most action sequences to date and features awesome new game plays. Lead a team of anti-terrorist commandos on a string of dangerous missions.

Can you save the world? The Strangers 4 is a game of skill and strategy. Complete your objectives in hostile enemy territory and return home safely, using both Sniper support and Ground Assault.

Sexy Mahjong is a lovely connect game. You will have to link the similar icons as fast as you can. Each time you win one level you will collect some golden coins.

There are 25 levels over 5 continents. Each stage has a different atmospheres, moreover you can use some passwords to save your game.

What if you had a limited time to free yourself before you get killed yourself? How would you react? Play this suspenseful game of skill and speed, if you dare, and prove you have nothing to fear!!

In this flash online game you need to enter in oder the balls you are asked to. Well drwan flash game. Try it online here on gamesfree. Bet some money and pull that lever.

Try to get the right combos that earn you money to buy some pics. Beyond the endless deserted sand sea lies an unseen Pyramid , the Chamber of God and Pharaoh , Where 15 of extremely rare treasures are hidden.

Now the only option you have is to explore the truth and menace of that pyramid , to save your only soulmate. In this addicting flash game you need to copy the answer of some quiz.

Use your mouse to selec a student when a '! So you can steal some answers and pass your test. Beware of the teacher. Dosen't look too nice when he caught cheaters.

Enjoy this flash online game here on gamesfree. Sift Renegade 2 features some new action packed fighting levels and intense plot-twisting storyline as Kiro meets new enemies with new rage mode, and special attacks.

Celebrity Bash let's you punch and knockout your worst celebrities. An exhilarating and funny boxing game. Battle with your favourite Bakugan characters and Bakugan cards.

Pick your brawler and win this online Bakugan battle game. Using only a baseball bat, a decent pitcher and a range of dangerous balls, stop the onslaught of carnival zombies.

The long-awaited sequel to the classic Chaos Faction! Battle your way through 15 new campaign levels with new weapons, characters, moves, and more explosions than you can shake a stick of dynamite at.

Play this addictive game of skill and concentration as a young martial arts apprentice. Follow the moves that your kung-fu master will give you to elevate your fighting skills.

Train in various settings and try to beat your high score. Fight your enemies in this pixelated new edition of Street Fighter. Can you pull of amazing combos?

Try your skills and practice in driving and parking the real 18 Wheeler in 18 Wheels Driver flash game. The aim of the game is to park truck into designed place without crashing.

Track two features the new McLaren F1 car for Try to park the car in the parking lot as fast as you can. But look out that you do not crashing other vehicles or obstacles.

Power through the levels and try to collect all the letters in your choice of vehicle. Completed it with the truck?

If you only play one stick game this year this should be it! In this endless runner you must not only run endlessly but also battle against enemies.

Choose between attack or defence and avoid. Infilitrating the Airship Hot Game. Be sneaky or be super loud!

How will you take over this airship? Combat Tournament Hot Game. Run, slash, combo KILL! Choose your character, learn your combo's, charge up your special attacks and unleash yourself in an arena against other sticks.

So it's come to this. The drunken rag doll wrestlers have laced up their boxing gloves and are prepared to slug it out. Swing your blocky fists and try to work your opponent into the corner.

Be that guy of her dreams, or the girl of her dreams! Flirt with them all, how many people can you flirt with?!

Shoot the apple off the head of this unlucky fat man. It's sort of his fault for having a head that can fit an apple really easily.

You have found a treasure- a treasure that needs protecting! Homage to Hitman, Hitstick is a shooter game with awesome graphics and 4 exciting settings around the world.

In Color Switch, you must have quick reflexes to score. Touch the change orb, and look at your new shade. Then, wait until the perfect time to glide through the next spinning circle!

FroYo Bar Hot Game. Manage your shop and build a frozen yogurt empire in FroYo Bar! Start your business with a small cart at the beach and sell hand-made yogurt desserts.

Watch carefully when customers place orders, p Especially in this office! Kill all the stickmen, one by one.

But make sure none of them sees it happening! The water pokemons are attacking the pokemon center on the seaport. Pikachu is given order to stop then using the good water pokemon.

Help pikachu fight and drive those evil water pokemon back to w It's time to catch them all and become the biggest pokemon master of all.

It is time for the pokemon to compete with each others again using their own ability and skill. This time the battle is taken place in an arena where your chosen pokemon will be fighting against the Try and get a highscore while making an awesome tattoo!

You're an astronaut travelling back to your Home Base when you get caught in a meteor shower and need to power your rocket to escape trouble in space!

In this game you have to fight and avoid mutants as you escape the Lab! The minions are ready for an epic shoot out adventure! You've got a mission to kill- how are you going to accomplish these missions?

Adventure Time Saw Game. Save Jake in this epic adventure! Play as a deadly female Assassin in this brutal, bloody sniper game. No one can escape their fate when even the police fear the angel of death watching their every move.

Nothing brings life into focus quite like the business of killing. A clear vision will guide you through the obstacles inherent in day to day living and the distance and wind speed which might effe Sift Heads Ultimatum Hot Game.

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Stay alive, get rich, buy hats! It is no longer meeting the aspirations of all four of us collectively as a band, and from my perspective, has undermined our artistic and political ideal.

We would even have fist fights over whether our T-shirts should be mauve or camouflaged! We were patently political, internally combustible.

It was ugly for a long time". In the wake of the September 11 attacks , the controversial Clear Channel memorandum contained a long list of what the memo termed "lyrically questionable" songs for the radio, uniquely listing all of Rage Against the Machine's songs.

After the group's breakup, Morello, Wilk, and Commerford decided to stay together and find a new vocalist. The first Audioslave single, " Cochise ", was released in early November , and a self-titled debut album followed to mainly positive reviews.

Compared to Rage Against the Machine, most of Audioslave's music was apolitical, although some songs touched on political issues.

Their second album Out of Exile debuted at the number one position on the Billboard charts in After months of inactivity and rumors of a breakup, Audioslave disbanded on February 15, , after Cornell announced he was leaving the band.

Morello began his own solo career in , playing political acoustic folk music at open-mic nights and various clubs under the alias the Nightwatchman , which he formed as an outlet for his political views while playing apolitical music with Audioslave.

In February , he announced a solo album, entitled One Man Revolution , which was released in April During the latter days of his career as the Nightwatchman, Morello joined up with Boots Riley and formed the rap rock group Street Sweeper Social Club , which released its debut self-titled album in June Members of the band had been offered large sums of money to reunite for concerts and tours, and had turned the offers down.

Bush administration since Rage Against the Machine's dissolution. On April 14, , Morello and de la Rocha reunited onstage early to perform a brief acoustic set at a Coalition of Immokalee Workers rally in downtown Chicago.

Morello described the event as "very exciting for everybody in the room, myself included". When asked in May if the band were planning on writing a new album, Morello replied:.

There are no plans to do that That's a whole other ball of wax right there. Writing and recording albums is a whole different thing than getting back on the bike laughs , you know, and playing these songs.

But I think that the one thing about the Rage catalog is that to me none of it feels dated. You know, it doesn't feel at all like a nostalgia show.

It feels like these are songs that were born and bred to be played now. Morello declined to comment about the possibility of a new album when interviewed by MTV News in April As far as us recording music in the future, I don't know where we all fit with that.

We've all embraced each other's projects and support them, and that's great. After a 4-hour stand-off with police, Obama's campaign agreed to meet with members of Iraq Veterans Against the War and hear their demands.

Paul , but were prevented from doing so by the police. Instead, de la Rocha and Morello rapped and sang through a megaphone.

In December , Tom Morello revealed that Rage Against the Machine shows in were a possibility, although plans for the band to record a new studio album were very unlikely.

When asked by Billboard. The thing is there's only so many hours in the musical day, and mine are very occupied right now". Morello elaborated that the Nightwatchman is now "my principal musical focus, as I see it, for the remainder of my life.

From the earliest days of playing open mic nights at coffee houses, it was apparent to me that this music was as important to me as any music I've ever been involved in.

It really encapsulates everything I want to do as an artist. Stating that they may use the momentum from the campaign to get back into the studio and write a follow-up record to s Renegades after 10 years.

It generated nationwide publicity and took the track " Killing in the Name " to the coveted Christmas number one slot in the UK Singles Chart , which had been dominated for four consecutive years from by winners from the popular TV show The X Factor.

On the morning of December 17, Rage Against the Machine played a slightly censored version of "Killing in the Name" live on Radio 5 Live , but four repeats of 'Fuck you I won't do what you tell me' were aired before the song was pulled.

The campaign was ultimately successful, and "Killing in the Name" became the number-one single in the UK for Christmas We're very very ecstatic and excited about the song reaching the number one spot.

We want to thank everyone that participated in this incredible, organic, grass-roots campaign. It says more about the spontaneous action taken by young people throughout the UK to topple this very sterile pop monopoly.

When young people decide to take action they can make what's seemingly impossible, possible. The band also set a new record, achieving the biggest download sales total in a first week ever in the UK charts.

This proved to be popular, with many users facing connection issues. The tickets were all allocated by Zack de la Rocha had stated that it was a definite possibility that the band would record a new album, the first time since 's Renegades.

It was the first time the band played in those countries. During an interview with the Chilean newspaper La Tercera in October , de la Rocha allegedly confirmed that a new album was in the works, with a possibility of a release.

De la Rocha is reported as saying, "We are all bigger and more mature and we do not fall into the problems we faced 10 or 15 years ago. This is different and we project a lot: During an interview on July 30, , Commerford seemingly contradicted Morello's comments, stating that new material was being written, and specific plans for the next two years were in place.

He simply responded, "maybe". The band announced on October 9 via their Facebook page that they would be releasing a special 20th anniversary box set to commemorate the group's debut album.

The full box set contains never-before-released concert material, including the band's Finsbury Park show and footage from early in their career, as well as a digitally-remastered version of the album, b-sides and the original demo tape on disc for the first time.

Rising may have been their final show. In May , the band launched a countdown website, prophetsofrage. Accompanying the clock was an image of a broken slash through a circle with silhouettes of five people all extending their arms and clenched fists with the hashtag " takethepowerback" underneath the timer.

This led to speculation of the return of the band later in the year. However, a source close to Rage Against the Machine told Rolling Stone that the Prophets of Rage website had nothing do with the announcement of a "Rage-specific reunion", but added that "some of the members" of the band have been working on a project that will include live shows.

The band toured through the remainder of and played the songs of the three bands in which the members of this group participated in before.

Despite Morello, Wilk and Commerford's involvement in Prophets of Rage, Commerford confirmed in an interview with Rolling Stone that Rage Against the Machine has not split up, explaining, "We just do things our own way.

Throughout our career, we never did what anyone wanted us to do. We never made the records people wanted us to make. We never played by the rules people wanted us to play by.

And here we are, 25 years later, still a band. Clearly that means something. And if we did ever play or make new music or anything, it would be a very big deal.

And there's a lot of bands that I've seen come along during that year period that did everything the record companies and the powers-that-be wanted them to do, and they sold millions of records.

But where are they now? Where Rage Against the Machine lives, is this summer in these songs that we are playing.

And we have nothing but the greatest love and honor and respect for Zack de la Rocha, the brilliant lyricist of Rage Against the Machine, who is working on his own music, which I'm sure will be fantastic—he's a great artist in his own right.

Rage Against the Machine has been described as rap metal , [] [] [] rap rock , [] [] [] [] [] funk metal , [] [] [] alternative metal , [] [] [] and nu metal.

The members of Rage Against the Machine are well known for their leftist and revolutionary political views, and almost all of the band's songs focus on these views.

Key to the band's identity, Rage Against the Machine has voiced viewpoints highly critical of the domestic and foreign policies of current and previous U.

Throughout its existence, Rage Against the Machine and its individual members participated in political protests and other activism to advocate these beliefs.

The band sees its music as a vehicle for social activism; De la Rocha explained, "I'm interested in spreading those ideas through art, because music has the power to cross borders, to break military sieges and to establish real dialogue.

America touts itself as the land of the free, but the number one freedom that you and I have is the freedom to enter into a subservient role in the workplace.

Once you exercise this freedom you've lost all control over what you do, what is produced, and how it is produced.

And in the end, the product doesn't belong to you. The only way you can avoid bosses and jobs is if you don't care about making a living.

Which leads to the second freedom: Some critics have accused the group of hypocrisy for voicing commitment to leftist causes while being millionaires signed to Epic Records , a subsidiary of media conglomerate Sony Records.

When you live in a capitalistic society, the currency of the dissemination of information goes through capitalistic channels.

No, because that's where people buy their books. We're not interested in preaching to just the converted. It's great to play abandoned squats run by anarchists , but it's also great to be able to reach people with a revolutionary message, people from Granada Hills to Stuttgart.

Yeah, to get as many people as possible to join the political debate, to get the dialogue going. I was wondering today, why would anyone climb to the roof of the American Embassy with a banner that says "Free Mumia Abu-Jamal ", why do you do that?

That's to get the international press' attention. The international network that Sony has available, is to me the perfect tool you know, it can get even more people to join a revolutionary awareness and fight.

Rage Against the Machine has won two Grammy Awards with six nominations altogether. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Not to be confused with Race Against the Machine. Rage Against the Machine at Vegoose, Rap metal funk metal alternative metal nu metal rap rock.

Sample of " Know Your Enemy " from the band's eponymous debut album Rage Against the Machine reunion tour. Political views and activism of Rage Against the Machine.

History of the American Left. Rage Against the Machine discography. Archived from the original on July 18, Archived from the original on August 21,

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